Just saying hello to everyone!

I just came home from my 12 hours shift today. It was a good day!

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ha! love the hat, thanks for saying hello to the community…

Bitcoin is quite hard to handle in my opinion. Considering there are Big Whales, so many forks that now hold BTC plus their fraction percentage of BCH or BSV.
It is safer to HODL Zen and it is getting harder to buy Zen now at less than $5.00, not a lot want to sell at this price and considering that Zen can be mined for less than $3.00 w good electric rate.

Look at this picture, no one wants to sell Zen.

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it’s so hard to know what’s going on with the markets, so complex with so many variables…some known, many not.

i’ve heard the same cost to mine of $3…where’s this number coming from? very curious…

approximately mine for $6 profit is $3 ( $3 electicity) but you have to own the equipment, the facility and no labor.

Great hat. The first item I bought from the company store.

it was Binance I suspect that placed the Zen BNB sell order (picture above).
They pumped Binance yesterday and they dont want the traders to buy all their Zen stock coins at a bargain against BNB.
I suspect this is what happened.