Is it just me or is the Arizen Wallet ugly?


I’m not a designer, but as a dev, I’ve come across a fair number of UIs and have learned to appreciate good design. The Arizen Wallet is not one such example. I appreciate the work Lukas and his team have put into this wallet, but I don’t want to see this get shipped in its current state, not with all the attention ZEN is starting to receive. It needs to look more professional. Some of my criticism for the wallet include:

  • the UI elements look outdated. For example, the two tone buttons are so iOS 4. I would suggest using a UI framework such as Material-UI, Bootstrap, etc. for modernized buttons, form fields and whatnot

  • the colors are not consistent across the wallet. ‘Hide Zero Balances’, the insufficient funds error, and the sent transaction amount are all different shades of red

  • the use of whitespace in the Transaction History is poor. Everything looks so cluttered when it’s centered. Instead, It should use some sort of column structure to display data clearly (see below). Also, additional padding is needed between records

  • it really irks me to see unrelated form fields/UI elements move when I select an input field (see Send and Receive pages)

I know that the Swing wallet has to go, but at least that one has a unified look and feel to it. It fondly reminds me of some old Windows time-tracking application. The Arizen wallet now employs a tablet design and layout. Fine, but it looks like a 2010 Android app in its current state. In contrast, I feel like the NEON wallet has executed this layout for their desktop wallet wonderfully

I apologize if I’m out of line here, but I know that I can’t be the only community member that feels this way, and I want the best for this project.


Thanks for the constructive feedback. We will look into this issues.


Those are some pretty well qualified points. It seems like Zen is in dire need of some professional design support. The new logo fiasco plus this Arizen thing is going to hurt how the public views the project as a whole.

I also just looked into the code for Arizen and boy… I think it might be a better idea for the team to open source a well-tested library of functions and let the community create their own wallets/apps instead. Nevertheless, this is a bit of digression and I do appreciate the amount of work that has been poured into Arizen. I just think that we could do much much better.


It’s actually very scary to use it.


My neighbor who is 84 thinks Arizen is fantastic!
The fact that he is color blind only amplifies this, it works with nothing getting in the way.


You should be scared. The code is written in a way that’s very bug-prone. I’m going to attempt at a competing wallet for ZenCash. Should be possible since everything is open source. The only tough part is reading other people’s old code.