Invitation to horizen to participate in youth summit, 2019


Dear Horizen Community,


In brief, I’m Mohammed Mustapha Yakubu, the team lead for Horizen in Ghana. My team and I have hosted several ZEN Meetups featuring Students For Liberty in the advancement of individual liberty, free markets and the ZEN project and cryptocurrency revolution with remote presentations from Co founder and executive advisor @Blockops . Please check Meetup channel for gallery/more info.

I present to you an invitation from African Youth and Talent summit to Horizen to participate/sponsor in its 3rd edition of the Pan African annual Summit to be held on July 20th, 2019.

Please find full details of invite/proposal here >>


  • Booking a slot or exhibition space at summit …$150

  • ZEN Tips for 50 newly ZEN wallets created by newbies at summit …$3 each - $3*50 …$150

  • Transport from Ghana to and fro Nigeria (By bus, flight is costly) …$200

Contingency …$100



I shall represent Horizen at summit to educate, train and empower participants on:

  1. Cryptocurrency Revolution
  2. Blockchain Technology
  3. Horizen (ZEN)
  4. Zen Wallets & Installation - computer and smartphone
  5. Earning and trading ZEN
  6. ZEN exchanges
  7. ZEN Faucet, Academy, SpherebyHorizen among others.

There shall be an opportunity to take remote presentation at summit from either the marketing team or anyone of the community.


Please find below our official Facebook page for all the information; links, blogs and stories of the summit from 2017(maiden edition) to date.

Check here >>>

Also, find all gallery ; pictures and videos of speakers/facilitators, panelists, participants among others.

Check here >>>

Meanwhile , we are currently upgrading our site> to meet international standard. The revamped site will display your logo as our 2019 partner.


Thank you for taking time to review this. I look forward to getting a feedback soon.

Your friend in ZEN.
Mohammed Mustapha Yakubu
Team Lead -Horizen Ghana.
[email protected]/


Thanks for this proposal, however it does not currently fit within our event and meetup outreach strategy. Soon we will publish guidance on target locations and frequencies in the coming months.



Acknowledged with thanks!