Introducing Horizen Ghana & it's Vision


Hey Zen Community,

I’m known and called Mohammed Mustapha Yakubu, but you can simply call me by any of my above three names :slight_smile:. I’m from Tamale, a suburb in Northern region of Ghana, West Africa. I’m in my final year at the University for Development Studies, Ghana pursuing BA Integrated Business Studies, Accounting and WI be graduating in July, 2019. I have held a lot of leaderahip positions throughout my life in school, I have also volunteered and worked with many Non-governmental organizations as a youngster in order to develop myself and get some experience and exposure that will allow me unlock the job market of our economy upon graduation. This was my dream until attended a one event dubbed “Liberty & Entrepreneurship Camp, 2016” organized by Centre for Liberty & Entrepreneurship, Ghana. At the end of this camp which was a 3 day camp, I was compelled to change my vision, thoughts and dreams towards attaining a brighter future for myself, family, Country and Africa at large. I was taught that, individual liberty and economic freedom are the sole ways to becoming financially independent Which offers one the basic human necessities of Peace, love and freedom. At the end of the camp, I decided to join the organizers as a volunteer and helped them to effectively organize same camp in 2017. After this camp, I had an opportunity from one of their partners called African Students for Liberty calling for applications for the first cohort of its Local Coordinator Training programme. I quickly applied for it and fortunately got enrolled into the programme. The training took us several weeks to complete and was completely online. We took courses and quizzes on ‘Liberty in Africa’ course and the the local coordinator training. I completely this successfully and was recruited as a Local Coordinator (LC) for my region and campus of the African students for Liberty ( This was where then my libertarian and cryptocurrency journey ignited. In 2018, I started the promotion of liberty and economic freedom in Africa with various modules such as Human Rights, drug issues, youth policies by government, entrepreneurship, Liberty debates among others.

Today, I’m excited to say again it is through Students for Liberty, I got in touch Horizen (formerly ZenCash) Cryptocurrency and privacy project. This was through the meet-ups project with SFL and Horizen with facilitation and funding from Horizen Co Founder and Advisor - Rolf Versluis (@Blockops) .


My team and I at Students for Liberty and horizen Ghana organized a first meet-up on the 3rd of November, 2018 dubbed "Liberty & Zen Cryptocurrency Meet-up, Ghana ". The meet-up was over 100 attendees with over 70% of them completely newbies to cryptocurrency. Meetup facilitators addressed topics on individual liberty, economic freedom, free markets and of Cryptocurrency. We educated and trained them on the revolution of money, the Cryptocurrency revolution, the blockchain technology and the hummer more on Horizen Cryptocurrency. Attendees were taken through wallet creation and installation, backups, earning Zen, btc and sending and receiving Zen as well.

On the 27th of December, 2018 - Same meet-up was organized with different set of newbies and different region, Tamale ,Ghana.

On January 26th, 2019 - We didn’t stop this but took more measures to ensure the awareness creation and adoption is sustained. We held same meet-up with college students in the upper west region of Ghana. We are still going to continue with this and many more to be done in the future for Horizen Cryptocurrency and its other projects. I want to thank especially @Blockops for the advise, support and funds provided me always to see to it that, we achieve our objectives. I want to thank also @MedaR for how marketing coaching offered me before and after every meet-up.

Finally, I Want to thank and adore the hardworking Zen Team from Engineering, BD, R&D, marketing, leadership et al for the the continuous works for horizen. We hope to achieving many more milestone in the near future.

Attached are pictures of meet-ups executed. Thank you for coming here!!!

Mohammed Mustapha Yakubu
Team Lead - Zen Ghana
LC - African Students for Liberty

Telegram :
WhatsApp: +233245870928
Email: [email protected]!



IMPORTANT: Permission and Concern was willingly given by attendees for our team to snap them pictures and also can share on any social media platform and websites as well!!!


Nice presentation and nice pictures. Congrats for what you done :slight_smile:


It would be really cool if you can add a video, I saw you have few clips from this event?


Okay, I will add the short video soon. Thanks


I’m humbled, thanks @CryptoManion! Take this opportunity to equally commend you for your efforts too at FR. More vim :muscle: