Interested in FREE ZENCASH? GetZen.Cash ZenCash Faucet &/or Operate ZenCash Secure Node


Who doesn’t like some free crypto? Today I cover briefly using the ZenCash faucet of as well as the critical role of Secure Nodes in the future of ZenCash and how by operating them you will receive “free” ZenCash


the faucet seems to be broken… I tried a couple of different addresses from my Zen wallet (on Android), and got an error message saying the address wasn’t transparent.


Earn Zencash Without investment with Zencash Faucets and other ways.


I must inform you about couple of mistakes in this article.

  • First we are Horizen now, ex ZenCash!
  • This is more about how to earn Bitcoin and then convert it to ZEN

You can sell courses on Zencash on websites such as Udemy.

Yes for this you require a lot of knowledge, and it should be nice if you contact Team first!

All in all this is more like free advertisement for some other destinations. What do you trying to do here? @JordanGreene