Innosilicon A9 Zmaster 50 ksol/sec available in bulk quantity delivery worldwide


I represent a company from USA. We have 100 units of A9 zmaster producing 50,000 sols/sec on equihash you can mine zcash, zencash & other equihash algo coins with this insane miner, in stock ready for immediate delivery worldwide. Price per unit is $1199 For details or to place your order message me on telegram bluedragon666 cheers


Hi John

This is your first post here, and account is created few minutes ago. At least we deserve an introduction, about your company, links, images…This way your proposal looks like very fishy.



I’m sorry about not making formal introductions


My moral obligation here is to protect members from being scammed. So better give us all proofs of legitimacy before any further action.


MedaR, I am surprised you have not banned him and removed the post from the start. There is no possibility that his pricing is anything but a scam.


You are right, I was too soft. I will lock this thread now.