[IMPORTANT] Chain of events between Minez Zone and Ghost


On the date of 07/02/2017 there has been a post published by me on the ZenCash Forums regarding questions in doubt regarding the mining pool Minez.Zone. As of the public approach there has been a heavy debate fired off in the #Miners channel on the ZenCash Slack. This has been the effect of the initial forum post on the Zen Community forums. During that debate several accusations have gone back and forth.

Over time when things started to clear up on both ends the conclusion was that many of those questions behind it were answered. Because of these questions have been open for an extended period of time on my end I have been digging for several things. Because of the digging on information the answers answered in the wrong way in the end that has lead to the forum post. Because of this catastrophic failure on my end I am making this forum post in order to correct it on my end and on their side.

What was this entire deal about?
One simple answer: Communication errors on both sides which eventually escalated over time.

Here I will provide the corrected information which has been assembled over time:
Statement of Pool manipulation:
Turned out to be an issue within the source itself without being aware of it’s stock version. This could have been a misunderstanding and miscommunication at all sides of the story. AS CAN BE SEEN HERE: Line 101 https://github.com/zencashio/z-nomp/blob/master/website/pages/home.html
DDOS Attacks:
There has been no claim of they have been causing it. They were hit the same as everyone else. Working with smrtz they were able to mitigate the attack by TCP Resetting all HTTPS Traffic and bringing the site back up via HTTP only. The following morning after next to no sleep they have setup a (reverse) proxy server which is guarded by cloudflare to take the incoming web traffic. This was a result of their experience in this area and with the help of smrtz is how they were able to recover quicker than other pools.
The front end issues have been a result of DDOS Attacks, Updates/SSL and the occasional typo errors within the code.
The 55 ZEN Giveaway:
The 55 Zen Giveaway was provided by Mocrvx and smrtz to help out and promote the mining pool and equal spread ZEN hashrate. This question was kind of left open to me due there was no real explanation where it would come from since the prize was pretty high around that time ~15 USD. This could have been appropriately explained through the next point on the list.
Please note it had and was always posted on their site at https://minez.zone/news#55GiveAway and their bitcointalk thread and in the zen bitcointalk thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1819977.msg19389607#msg19389607
They had this really well covered and should have been spotted at the first sight on my end.

On my end I have made a huge error on putting all the data together in the wrong way not intentionally, and explicitly not have published it towards the community but instead communicated it directly towards Brad from Minez.Zone. The error was a human one, caused by lack of due diligence in fact checking and verification before going public. Better communication between myself and other pool operators, not just the minez.zone team could have avoided this whole situation we now find ourselves in.

With all of these things have been said and explained from our side Brad and I have an agreement to remain transparent about communication between each other. Regarding the transparent communication will be done at all times between Minez.Zone and Ghost from BitFire which should avoid further escalations.

At all times clear and transparent communication should be kept at all times to avoid escalations like this one. Also regarding this event I personally deeply apologize for the miscommunication and publication for the forum topic that has been published. Because of this event there is one more important thing that should be said and kept open minded at. Privacy is a right for everyone and transparency and open setting is the key towards new levels.

The lesson I’ve learned through these events:
Questions should never be left open but answered, if the answer is not answered ask it again.

Link to the other topic:

ZEN mining pools

Most of the Slack community thinks otherwise imho. Ghost intentionally and explicitly published everything he did. And is posting further becuse he seems unable to simply apologize.

In the meantime team announced some juicy news. :slight_smile:


Read the seccond line in this paragraph @earthvisitor I’ve highlighted it for you with bold