[IDEA] Latinamerican Hackathon


Hi @JZA,

to be honest I don’t understand what update. This IDEA is rejected.

Community Project Manager of ZenCash


I am confused, first you agreed to the idea, then you reject it, and offer an explanation and then you said you dont understand why you should give an explanation. I am very confused.


I’ve never agreed with this idea. I just put some recommendation from our side. Note that none of proposals is approved in a draft format because all the time there is something what can be improved.

Nevertheless Market conditions have changed and we cannot support this idea. So I offered a personal call (usually via MEET app) to explain the situation. You didn’t accept and just wanted to chat on Discord (it’s inconvenient).

I’m very sorry for this but we cannot determine the market. We can only operate with current status.

Many thanks to all people who dedicate their time.

Community Project Manager of ZenCash