[IDEA] Latinamerican Hackathon


The idea is to promote the ZenCash technology and recruit developers to the project.
The ROI is possible new tools to code to the Zencash blockchain. We can encourage developers to code on their own language.
The Hackathons will be done in 3 cities across latin america, they will have around 100 developers and will be competing for a price in Zencash.
The goal is to have Zencash based products or tools that will ease the development of Zencash. The budget required will include cost of the venue, the logistic costs and merchandise as well as a reward for the contestants and the organizers.

Budget Breakdown
Per hackathon:

  • Traveling 350
  • Hosteling: 250
  • Venue = 2000
  • Prizes = 2500
  • Reward = 3000
    Total: 8,100 USD
    Grand Total: 24,300 USD
    1,056 ZEN

Plans include candidate cities like:
Guadalajara, Mexico,
Panama City, Panama,
Medellin Colombia,
Monterrey, Mexico,
Buenos Aires, Argentina

The hackathon will focus on the building of tools such as wrappers and libraries for different languages that can use the Zencash Nodes including improvement on different libraries that might still be in development. Making these tools will make it easier to integrate zencash on platforms on the web, mobile and PC.

Complete solutions such as Point of Sales, E-commerce applications, Games, Auction tools, etc.

We plan to do a hackathon per month with an opportunity to do two hackatons withing the same week in the same country if it comes to being viable, saving time and resources.


Have you met with the 100 devs?? how can you assure that 100 devs will participate? I think starting with 10 or 15 devs in one place in beta project could be better, then you can propose a broader idea with the experience you got in the first event.


I can assure you the venue would be able to hold 100 people. Adjusting to half wont really vary the price since the promotional efforts are almost the same for 100 than for 50 and reducing the venue from 100 to 50 will also not make that big of a difference. I dont think the point is the amount of developers, unless we are talking like you said targeting 10-15 developers. Which in case sure, any office meetup room can do and the price would be get down to 0 for the venue, still wont make the price in general to vary that much. (200 ZEN).


Hi Dear @JZA,

Greetings from Mexico, first of all let me tell you that your idea sounds pretty interesting. A Latinamerican Hackathon could help get new ideas and bring more people to the project.

I have a few questions though, I will list them for better understanding:

  1. For every neccesity there is a corresponding idea. By this, I mean, does the idea you have help to solve a need for the organization? Do you know if there is the need to recruit developers at this time ? ( If so, I imagine that your proposal could really help the project and be accepted from the decision makers of it).

  2. You wrote: “The ROI is possible new tools…” What are your strategies to assure the success of your idea? How can you measure the impact in numbers, related to cost-benefit for the organization (tools, statistics, facts, direct impact, benefits, which groups will benefit from it)?

3.What is your criteria to choose those 3 cities in Latin America? Will you get “around 100 developers” or will there be 100 developers? How will you guarantee the assistance?

  1. What do you mean by: " The goal is to have Zencash based products or tools that will ease the development of Zencash. " ?

Regarding budget:

  1. Who are the organizers, what is their profile and background in the industry?
  2. What kind of merchandise will you use and how will it be used ?
  3. I see some rough numbers; For example, will the venue cost 2000 USD in all cities? Do you have a set of quotes that demonstrate this?
    Regarding traveling and hosteling, do you have estimated quotes that demonstrate this? What is your strategy in case your budget goes up that planned?
  4. What does the category “prices" mean?

Regarding technology subject I think it is a general view of the objective, goal and it is unclear how you will achieve the goal to: “integrate zencash on platforms on the web, mobile and PC

Regarding timeline:

Can you provide a gantt chart or some kind of detailed timeline for the organization?

Last, do you have a contingency plan in case things does not work out as expected?

I think if you structure and emphasize how the strategies will be implemented this can be a great kind of proposal!

best of lucks with your project!
if you need something please write me at: [email protected]
Have a great weekend!
-Country Manager México.


De verdad me gusta la idea. No soy un experto pero he analizado esta moneda y pe parece vale la pena trabajar por ella. Soy de Colombia pero no vivo en medellin igualmente si el evento se organiza, me desplazare y asistiré. Cuenten con mi apoyo.


Since this is idea stage most numbers are parkball numbers. So 100 developers is NOT a goal, the goal is to be able to produce software for Zencash. The venue will be a reasonably big venue to be worth flying to that city and have an impact.

The prizes, are also an approximation, thinking 1000, 500, 200 USD for the first 3 solutions at the end of the hackathon.

Marketing and such should be done mainly on social networks but also looking to develop a website and a word of mouth to invite companies withing that location.

On the technology side is not clear what are you asking, if you know how a hackathon works, you get skilled developers on different background (web, mobile, pc) and they will use your technology and adopt it to their expertise, so expect to generate products that use your tech, and it can go from middleware (a library for a language) to a full fledge product or application that makes use of your technology, example, a web game that make uses of Zencash micropayments and messaging system to generate value.

Again timeline, is still on idea stage I will figure this out later at a project stage. But an average of 2-3 weeks should be enough. Goal is to have this done during the summer (June, July, August).


Hi @JZA,

thank you for putting this topic into “Idea” category. I think it fits well.

From my point of view it looks interesting. But before we review it, may I ask you to write me, if you are in contact with anybody from ZenCash team? I’ve noticed that Angie asked you some questions.

If not I’m going to start to work on it😉

Thank you very much in advance!

Best regards
Community Project Manager of ZenCash


I answered Angie’s questions, did you check them out? Any further comments? I am on Discord @JZA and telegram as @jzarecta if you want to DM me.



I’ve noticed you’re active on DASH Forum and I’ve heard you’re a member of their team. So before we review this idea my question is:

Does DASH will also participate in this hackathon? Are you planning to have more than one sponsor and developers would focus on building of tools for more platform than ZenCash? Or are you planning to dedicate this hackathon to only ZenCash?

Thank you for your response. Have a nice day🙂

Kind regards
Community Project Manager of ZenCash


I am not a member of their team. I am a regular user and interact with the communities I wish to. I contribute to several cryptocurrency groups. DASH is not a participant of the hackathon this is a Zencash project like I mentioned on my initial post, the goal is to create technology on top of the Zencash code.


Wonder if we should move on from idea to the next stage… It seems people are good with the info here.


Hi @JZA,

I’d like to ask you if you would be opened to reduce the plan to only one city for the beginning of our co-operation. The city would be Monterrey, México and our co-workers could help you with organization. To be honest if you contribute with several cryptocurrencies you know that different projects have different financial possibilities. We are not DASH but we like the idea and maybe can support it.

Please, let me know your opinion.

Community Project Manager of ZenCash



We have been talking in a variety of channels so moving the conversation publicly here for the sake of efficiency.

Just to give some perspective, for previous hackathons we have spent about $1000-$3000 total, and audiences usually include 50-500 developers. Recently we are sponsoring a global hackathon with 80,000 developers for only a few thousand USD.

We really like the idea of a Latin America hackathon. Kamila has a great point - it would be better for you to provide a detailed plan of 1 hackathon in 1 city than a vague plan of multiple. Please write another proposal with in depth goals, overview of other sponsors/partners, overview of how exactly you will be reaching out to developers, agenda, content, pricing (including all links), and list of things you would like the Zen team to support you on in order to make the hackathon a success.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!



Hi @jane.hk,
Do you have the expense sheet from the organizers of the Hackathon? How much was the venue?
the whole point of idea is to provide a vagely plan for multiple. But this are based on realistic prices of what will end up.

Before that I need to have a solid proposal about what the Hackathon will target and what technical issues can be targeted on this hackathons.

That is why there is a lot more info I need on the previous hackathos as what was produced from the previous hackathons, links and code to the products that came out for Zencash on that previous work.

I am greatful for the presentation and PDF that you sent me, I will review it more meticulously, but I really want to see what was provided after the hackathon and results from it if there is any document, or publication describing it.


Hi @Kamila thanks for your follow up. So my plan is to do it on three cities along the summer to really involve the latam community. One city in one country wont really have that effect. However to your earlier point is true that financial possibilities vary from currency to currency.

I am not sure how big or small is 8k per event over 3 months a hurdle on your budget maybe getting information on the way this budget work can help me see the scope of what is possible or not for Zencash to do at this time.

Please comment.


Hi @JZA,

we’d like to support this idea because we think it’s a cool opportunity how to engage community of younger and perspective people in LATAM.

The questions for budget if 8000 USD is a big or small amount of money over 3 months…This is definitely not easy to answer. This is dependent on many parametres. And meet the parameters we need to keep some conditions.

So my suggestion is:

  • Build up a real proposal (we support this idea), here is a link for a Proposal Guidance where you can find another links for e.g. Proposal Template etc.

  • Include 3 cities if you want ( but one of them should be Monterrey in México where our México Country Representatives Angie and Ruben are based and where they can help with organization).

  • Present how you want to engage people/engineers to participate in this event, how you want to organize transportation, creating of all merchandise, how you want to manage places for this event and rewards, who are team members and who are partners for this event (I know you wrote that this would be dedicated only to ZenCash but many smaller companies would want to be visible on such a big event like this one at least some local ones), timeline etc.

If we’ll have a plan we can start to optimize it, I can provide you some details from previous events, can schedule meetings with team members etc. But detailed plan is a crucial part.

As I wrote we really like this idea and significantly appreciate that you’re an active member of our community and have many skills from different projects. So let’s move and start work on it.

Let me know if it’s convenient for you or not.

Best regards
Community Project Manager of ZenCash


Thanks Kamila, to be honest I have more contacts on Guadalajara Mexico which I thought would be my first city. Partially because I used to live there and have some people from the IT industry there. That said, we can do something about Monterrey

The detail plan will come with the work I am doing as many different proposals take time and calendar adjustments. I might require more help from people and coordinate activities. That said we could get people from ZenCash involved as judges and such. However all these involve adjustments to the logistics and budget.

The venue cost also can vary from almost free to tens of thousands depending on the area and how corporate event we wanted to be. A hotel hall will go for an average of 10-30k to universities for $500. We want to find somewhere in the middle.

I’ll check out the guidelines and make adjustments.


Hi @JZA,

I’m very sorry that I have to tell you we cannot support this kind of project right now. Market conditions are not pleasant as you know.

If you want I can schedule a meeting and explain it to you personally. It’s up to you.

Have a successful day.

Best regards,
Community Project Manager of ZenCash


This is unfortunate, I have been complying to your requests you can contact me on discord please. We can talk there, I am at the #hackathon group.


@Kamila I need an update.