Horizen Tshirt Giveaway - Week 5!

Congratulations to our week 5 winner, Anton!

Enter to the Horizen Sidechain T-shirt Giveaway Week 5. Just watch: https://bit.ly/2T7E0G6

Comment on the video with the answer to our question: What would you build on Horizen Sidechains?

The winner will be announced 03/13


How can i earn more zen tokens by promating zen in social media and twitter.

Great question. Right now the best way is to participate in https://getzen.cash/ and the giveaways our marketing team sets up periodically. We’ll have more structured opportunities in the future, so please stay tuned and keep on getting the word out about the project :slight_smile:


Sir thaks for supporting me.

I would love to see a sidechain that rewards recycling in plastics. In my town we are working on recycling those coloured plastics such as bottle tops that currently have very few reusable cases. Thanks for the clear explanation of sidechains.

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