Horizen Swag/Merch


The brand expansion video in which the new Horizen name a logo were released, showed some nifty swag. It was stated that these items would be available in a week. That was over a week ago and there’s no mention that I can find on horizen.global. Is it located somewhere else? Or has there been some delay? Please let me know as I’m keen to get some.


Hi @philo.phineas,

we’ve worked on it. You’re right, it’s delayed because after the rebranding we received many requested from many people what kind of merchandise they would want to have etc. We are more than happy for this great feedback and do our best integrate their wishes and release this fabulous shop. So please be patient, we’re almost there.

Once it will be released I will post the link here.

Have a great day.

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of Horizen


Hi @philo.phineas,

here is a link for the store.

Community Project manager of Horizen