Horizen Meetup in Lagos, Nigeria

My name is David but I am Skales on discord. I have officially been part of the Horizen community for some time now. Having gone through most of the community’s meetup report and request, I will like to hold a meetup on behalf of the community in Lagos Nigeria.
Lagos; a state in Nigeria which is centre to most of the country’s manufacturing and home to a Pan-African banking industry as well as a thriving music, fashion and film scene that reverberates around the continent. More recently, it has become a technology hub of Africa where most technology companies create a presence for themselves.
Lagos state which is the technology hub and busiest economy of Africa is also recognized as the state with the highest population in the country, filled with people of different languages and colors going in and out of the state on daily basis. The state which is recognized as one of the states in Africa with a great economy is also the highest in GDP generation for Nigeria.

The sole purpose of this project is to create a presence for Horizen in Lagos Nigeria through meetup programs. This would pave way for the educating of Lagos residents on the importance of cryptocurrency, its benefits and what Horizen has to offer above all.

A well designed plan has been put out for the successful execution of this meetup. I will be advertising the meetup program on meetup.com and facebook.com mainly focused on Lagos residents and there would also be a couple of offline adverts for the same purpose. During the meetup attendees will be given a Horizen educational brochure which would act as a reference for attendees at a later date. For the purpose of none verbal advertisement; we will also be giving attendees a Horizen promotional sticker which they can stick to their vehicles, phones or laptops.

Why Horizen
Knowing that privacy is an essential part of the Satoshi plan and considering the privacy protocols that Horizen has put into place and how they keep improving on it to give no rooms for compromise. It is without doubt that Horizen is one of the cryptocurrencies that would strive and progress. I believe privacy and sidechain technology to be amongst the key features of money in the future and knowing that Horizen has been putting a lot of efforts into these has made me to choose to work and be part of Horizen.

Past Cryptocurrency Experience
I discovered bitcoin in late 2015 and i bought my first bitcoin in 2016 which i used in my arbitrage activities and also trading. In 2017 i was hired as the communication expert for DashSquad. A team which was under the Dash Nigerian team and together we accomplished a lot for the Dash community.
I organized and spoke at many events while working with Dashsquad. Below are links to some of my work;


Social Media Handles
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/david.mogaji
Twitter: https://twitter.com/David_Mogaji


Item Cost Unit
Photo coverage 50 US DOLLAR
Educational Kit (Horizen brochure * 250) 25 US DOLLAR
Promotional Kit (Horizen Sticker * 250) 36 US DOLLAR
Banner (1) 30 US DOLLAR
Reward 50 US DOLLAR
Total 191 US DOLLAR
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Hi @skales

Thank you for being a supporter for Horizen!

As we have talked, let’s aim to hold a meetup in the third week of April, with the announcement included in the monthly livestream of April.


Okay @Power_VANO
I look forward to it all.

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Nice one man, great, where in Lagos will this meet up be held? meanwhile i recently concluded a horizen sponsored event with the blockchain Saturday organizers - and i have some left over horizen stickers that i received from rolf… might come in handy.

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Thanks @marshalllife.
Yes! I saw your meetup on the discord server. Great one.
I am thinking of holding it at No. 8 Moshesa, Cement Ikeja.

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Great brother, i could attend , we have a studio at ikeja :slight_smile: and i stay around that environ and yeah about the last meetup, it was all great though, though we had some hiccups on the way concerning the election and the assu strike - it really did affect us, with the turn out especially. we expected more students to resume and attend but the strike wasn’t called off until now. sad.

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Quite Sad! but it is a great thing it turned out okay.
Well; you are welcome to attend :grinning:

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would be there brother :sunglasses:
have to. learn more.

hahaha… We will be expecting you. @marshalllife

As we discussed, meetup has been scheduled for May 15, 4:00 PM GMT+1.
Horizen will sponsor the meetup as per the proposal.

@skales will provide the details.


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Hello all;
Kindly find attached a portal document format for the report on this meetup.

Horizen 15_may_2019.pdf (1.2 MB)

This is awesome report, but it would be really cool if you can share it here as well https://forum.horizen.global/c/meetups

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On the 15th May, 2019 an informative meetup was held by David Mogaji in Lagos state, Nigeria. The meetup was aimed at enlightening attendees on the numerous advantages that lie in the use and adoption of cryptocurrency whilst using Horizen for illustrations.

During the meetup various concepts were explained to enable a better understanding of Horizen and its underlying technologies. Some of these concepts include the following;
• Decentralization
• Blockchain
• Miners
• Dapp
• Masternode

The meetup was organized with the sole purpose of educating Nigerian citizens on the benefits of cryptocurrency (horizen) over the conventional currency (fiat) so as to expand the outreach and awareness of horizen in the country which we strongly believe would have enormous effect on the adoption of the currency.

Here some of the pictures taken at the meetup event;