Horizen Meetup for May, Lagos Nigeria


On the 15th May, 2019 an informative meetup was held by David Mogaji in Lagos State, Nigeria. The meetup was aimed at enlightening attendees on the numerous advantages that lie in the adoption and use of cryptocurrency over fiat currency whilst using Horizen for illustrations.

During the meetup various concepts were explained to enable a better understanding of Horizen and its underlying technologies whilst laying huge emphasis on privacy. Some of these concepts include the following;
• Decentralization
• Blockchain
• Miners
• Dapp
• Masternode

As horizen is mainly focused on privacy; the following pictures from the meetup is being shared with the prior permission of attendees who accepted their pictures taken.

Photo 1: Group picture

Photo 2: Showing an attendee how to add Horizen on coinomi multi-wallet

Photo 3: Explaining the importance and essence of privacy

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Horizen Meetup, Kaduna