Horizen Mandatory Software Upgrades: ZEN 2.0.16 – Upgrade Now!


All mining pools, node operators, full node wallet users, and exchanges must upgrade to ZEN 2.0.16 prior to block 449312, which will occur around January 18th.

  • This change is the first step towards supporting/integrating Sapling.
    New shielded transaction (type: -3) to replace the current one (type: 2).

  • New zero knowledge proving system from the current protocol to Groth16.

  • Better performances: more robustness and more speed in making the proof and verification.

  • The new block reward will be then split as follows:

10% to Secure Nodes
10% to Super Nodes
60% to Miners
20% to Treasury


New binaries have been released. Please update your ZEN software before January 18th.


Tomorrow is the last day to upgrade to ZEN 2.0.16

All mining pools, node operators, full node wallet users, and exchanges should update now to prevent any disruption to ZEN services!
Learn more about the upgrade in our blog


Swing for Windows: https://github.com/ZencashOfficial/zencash-swing-wallet-ui/releases/tag/0.85.0
Swing for Mac OS: https://github.com/ZencashOfficial/zencash-swing-wallet-ui/releases/tag/0.85.1
Swing for Debian/Ubuntu Linux: https://github.com/ZencashOfficial/zencash-swing-wallet-ui/releases/tag/0.85.2

includes Horizen 2.0.16



Today 29th Jan our mainnet had hard fork at block 455555, as we announced previously.

Features include faster transaction speeds, new shielded transaction type, and improved system performance!

No actions necessary.


This fork passed flawlessly and I will lock this thread.