Horizen Malaysia Event: Karnival Ambang Tahun Baru 2020 - FIFA20 Mini Tournament E-Sport Meru 29 Dec 2019

Last weekend was another blast for our team! We had collaborated again with one of our merchants, Kitamen Meru for another big local e-sports event, in conjunction with the New Year 2020 celebration.

All 48 participants had turned up for another #FIFA20 tournament! :fire::malaysia:

To make it even more fun, we’ve created a Horizen wallet address for each players and we even airdropped some $ZEN to them!

All participants and spectators were super-fired up and switched to GAME ON mode!

Other events that caught our eyes…

And the rest of the shots…

Overall it was such a fun and successful event! We are truly honoured to participate in this local community-engaging occasion and another major e-sports happening in Malaysia. Definitely will be a historical moment for Horizen mass adoption!

And not to forget, special thanks to Amirul Syafiq Adenan, Kitamen Business Development for having us!

Again, huge shoutout to our official photographer for lending his awesome rig!

Till then, signing off for now! Happy New Year 2020 everyone!

Thank you!


@thretto this is truly amazing, LOVED reading through the details and seeing the pics. The spirit you bring to the Horizen community, in general, but especially through events like this is unparalleled…we’re lucky to have you!


Its indeed an awesome concept and idea, I’ve already stollen the idea…lol!.. I’ll replicate it in my location after the first meet up to create awareness!..


Thanks for the encouragement! More events will be posted! 2020 is the Year of Mass Adoption!


Cool! Let me know if you need anything! Will definitely jump in and try to help!! :sunglasses:

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Truly amazing @thretto

You re doing really awesome job!

Post here everything you have, the community must see this!



Thanks @MedaR

Yes for sure I will! :wink:

please do! and if there’s anything the team can do to support, please let us know…

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2020 will be the most exciting year for Horizen, and working with you and your team is one major example of why :slight_smile:

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Indeed! We are super excited as well for 2020 not just because its a new decade and beautiful numbers, but we’re always feeling hungry and looking forward on how we can help to add value for Horizen, (within our capacity) hence boosting its market maturity rate among all crypto projects! We believe on #zeroexpectation in everything that we do for Horizen! Coz we are the true #zenvangelists! :fist: sounds cheesy as it is, but it is REAL


Amazing job, @thretto!
Truly great event!


Love to hear that! Thanks @Power_VANO for the encouragement!

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