Horizen Malaysia Event: FIFA20 Ultimate Player Meru Edition 16 Nov 2019

Organized by Pertubuhan Penggerak Masyarakat, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Meru Prihatin
Co-organized by KITAMEN DOJO MERU
Sponsored by JKP N42A, PEBT MPK N42A and HORIZEN

Hey all!

We’ve just done with our Horizen mass adoption campaign during an e-sports tournament event last Saturday hosted by Kitamen Meru and we’re extremely happy to report that the results are beyond our expectations!

The event had ended successfully with all 32 participants turned up and registered!

FIFA 2020 Ultimate Player Meru Edition tournament was officiated by the state legislative assembly officer. Before his speech, we had a chance to talk with him personally during luncheon and explained to him about Horizen and its underlying technology.

During his speech, he briefly explained the importance of the blockchain technology and the revolution that it brings to the society. He also reminded the crowd to learn as much as they can so they are not left out. Before he ended his speech, he welcomed our team and the usage of ZEN as a method of payment for Kitamen Meru.

I’ve also got invited by the event host to speak about Horizen after his speech. He then invited me for another meetup to further discuss about Horizen and the possibilities of implementing ZEN as payment at other merchants under his jurisdiction.

Overall, apart from getting the merchant to agree on accepting ZEN as payment, I think we’ve had a great exposure on Horizen branding among the young local talents in e-sports and also few government officers. We’ve also provided the awareness to the VIPs and educated the crowd on how to install the wallet and how to use ZEN. As Rolf suggested during the previous Weekly Insider #14 (14 Nov 2019), we will look further into getting the merchant’s supplier on-board with Horizen ecosystem as well.

Sharing our planned allocation and distribution of 50 ZEN that we’ve received from Horizen team:

10 ZEN

  • marketing materials for Kitamen Meru (merchant)
  • 3x buntings, 10x A4 laminated posters, 1x A5 laminated poster, 3x A3 laminated posters, 1x A5 acrylic stand

10 ZEN

  • sponsoring tournament event’s winners
  • 1st place 5 ZEN, 2nd place 3 ZEN, 3rd place 2 ZEN
  • to be deposited to customers’ wallet during their next visit to Kitamen Meru

15 ZEN

  • loyalty enhancement program for customers (additional 10%)
  • every 5th hour of gameplay (total spend of MYR20), MYR2 worth of ZEN to be deposited into customers’ wallet
  • potential reach 180 unique customers
  • campaign starts on Monday 18/11/2019

15 ZEN

  • incentives for merchant
  • 10% extra ZEN from reload amount
  • max reload amount MYR4000
  • campaign starts on Monday 18/11/2019

Again, our team would like to thank Horizen team especially Rolf Versluis for sponsoring this event and we hope we can make a bigger impact for the next one. (I was informed by the merchant that there’ll be another e-sports tournament with over 150 participants next month). We’ll keep you posted on that one! :wink:

Before signing off, I would like to thank our official photographer for lending his rig capturing all these beautiful moments!

Thanks for your time to read this post!

Till then, goodbye!