Horizen Liquidity - Opinion

Bitcoin has no competition, it is the most liquid. Whenever I send money to the Philippines, I use Bitcoin and this is because it is the only cryptocurrency that the Exchanges there will accept to convert to Philippine Peso directly. They will accept BCH, ETH and XRP but first you must convert it to Bitcoin within their platform in order for them to exchange it to Peso.

And Bitcoin is unlike Ethereum and the rest that all compete to one another.

Bitcoin is the most important Crypto because of its liquidity.

I still think that Zen wallet needs a direct conversion to Bitcoin to ride Bitcoins Liquidity.

I think the message is clear about how good the Horizen community is and how promising the upcoming side chains will be.

More than decentralization, more that pumping whale and “more than anything” I believe however that Liquidity is most important.

When I joined Horizen few months ago, what I saw was the price declining from $5 to $3.50 which made me think that at $3.50 there is a lot more upside than downside if it can be more liquid.
If Zen stays close to Bitcoin, it will be like an immigrant to the US that will have more room to grow.