Horizen Faucet- Gmail

I’ve been using Yahoo Mail since Windows 95 and I’m one of those old timers who’d been stuck during the Hippie days and did not want to get out of it.

Why is it necessary that only gmail works for the Faucet?

Pls advice. Thank you!

Gmail is more difficult, though not impossible, to generate mass spam accounts.

We have found it necessary to do this to help prevent scripted attacks that drain the faucet and prevent legitimate users from accessing the faucet.

Spencer Whetstone


its bec it can be controlled more. I see. thanks for the response.

we’re really just in the initial testing of this new faucet, so when we have more mature anti-spam protections, i’d love to see other email types possible.

That would be good bec not everyone uses gmail. theyll have to sign up for it.
Just like Facebook its Messenger, we have no reason to use Instagram.
I work in the medical field, I have taken care of more than 1000 patients in 10 dialysis facilities, it is human nature to not like any kind of changes in their lives as much as they can.
Chronic dialysis patients comes for dialysis 3x per week, they want the same chair, the same nurse and no changes from last time.
Adaption is not easy to present, it must bee spoon fed.

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Did you get my direct message?

Spencer Whetstone

its about control and preventing spams?

Chronic dialysis patients are just like everyone else.
They come to dialysis 3 times per week, lifetime. Everytime, they would like to sit in the same dialysis chair, they want the same nurse and they want it now.
Adaption to anything requires to be almost spoon fed.

And here is what some patients do when they are given a different choice like moving them to a different dialysis chair, “they leave, they will skip their dialysis treatment that day” and say " I’m not doing this " in an expression that they are doing dialysis for us and not for themselves.

Just a thought.
Sorry if any offense given.