Horizen - bringing privacy to life [theme song]


Passionate about Horizen projects and what they envisions, i have come to fall in love with the project and everything that seems to come from horizen or sounds like it.
I got to know about horizen from searches about privacy coin and dug deep, read and since then, i have been finding ways to add value to the project with the little skills and experience i have, organized and completed a meet up (blockchain Saturday) with horizen being one of the sponsors and i hope they will be more of this events to come in the future.

My motivation for doing mostly crypto songs like that of horizen i just did, is that i find and believe entertainment could be a great and huge tool for promoting blockchain projects to listeners, communities and music lovers, and every songs i done for projects or ones projects ask for is all envisioned for promotional purposes and to help elevate projects to wider audience and parties if used properly.
And i hope i could keep doing what i love doing, adding little values and promoting blockchain projects with my music and with my crypto projects dedicated on promoting blockchain projects and also cause i believe it would help in spreading blockchain projects like horizen to the world and its population.

You can always support me on this movement of mine with anything that keeps us going.
Feel free,

:Twitter - @flamzyMarshall
Discord - @marshalllife
Instagram - @flamzyMarshall




Wow, I love it. Great talent dude. Keep it up.


:slight_smile: appreciated :slight_smile: more might be coming soon enough…