Horizen and cryptocurency meetup Introduction


Hy noble horizen community .

I am Francis Kusi but am known in the crypto side as Fransoa. Am from Ghana, Kumasi. Youngster who believes in libertarianism, financial freedom and equality.
I am studying Bachelor of Science in information technology at Ghana technology university college. Wl graduate in july 2020 . I love programming and its has been my dream to be a programmer and above all am a tech guy which makes me a crypto lover and a crypto fun.

I got into cryptocurency in the year 2017 and had my first horizen meetup on 25th December 2018 and it was fun, u got to meet new people during presentation. Am looking forward to work with horizen for great meetups . Horizen to Africa and to the world. BRAVO
Thanks to @Blockops and @MedaR for their support am grateful.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FransoaHorizen?s=08
Whatsapp : 0542520089
Email: [email protected].

My first meetup pictures


good start Francis!
the community especially Horizen Ghana is glad to have you part of the team. we only hope you stay committed to the promotion of only Zen and no any other crypto irrespective of the status of Zen. feel free to contact me always if you need any guidance.


Okay @CryptoButler . Thanks for the support bro.


Welcome to Horizen, glad to see new crypto fans :slight_smile: Congrats for your efforts! These Horizen T-shirts look really good on you all :slight_smile:


Thanks @CryptoManion. :blush: