Horizen 2018 Year End Review


2018 has been a wild ride for Horizen, between the bear market and meeting project goals!

Thank you Horizen Community for making this a memorable one!

One of the biggest challenges presented this year was overcoming a 51% attack. We are proud of our team and processes kicked in gear to contain the damage. While the experience was negative, our engineering team devised an innovation for all proof-of-work blockchains by dynamically modifying the bitcoin consensus mechanism to make it much more expensive to conduct future attacks. We are proud of our bitcoin consensus enhancement as stability of the blockchain industry will allow the entire ecosystem to continue growing.



We shared our vision for the future of privacy, cryptocurrency, and the Horizen project in 27 different countries at 117 different events in 2018! We are excited to continue to meet new people and see old friends at our speaking engagements and events in 2019!