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I am Anson Lau from Hong Kong. I am a software developer. My first time heard about Blockchain in July 2016. And then I get started to learn Blockchain in around Sept 2016. Previously, I worked for IBM as a Blockchain developer to deliver industry projects using Hyperledger Fabric, but I believe I could make more impact to the world, then I decided to quit my job and started to running a website (https://cryptonews.com.hk) to share cryptocurrencies & blockchain news partnering with my friend. This is my first goal.

Here is a link to my proposal:


I remember your nickname from somewhere! Sure, go for it, imo people don’t even need to ask for things like these. If you need any help feel free to ask!
One suggestion - try and lead people away from “mainstream”. We are heavily dominated by bittrex but that is not a good thing, advertise different exchanges and pools other than suprnova if possible.


I personally have used cryptopia.co.nz, wonder whats your opinion on it?