High End Video/Motion Graphic Content Production Proposal


Hello Zencash comunity! I posted late last week on Reddit about creating some content for Zencash and had some great support on there. I’ll be finalizing a formal proposal in the next few days for ongoing high end video and motion graphics projects. With my ADD going in full effect I created a demo Zencash promo concept that I wanted to share ahead of the propsal.

Please keep in my that I will have a professional do the final voice over (scratch vox placeholder is the video). Logos in the promo will also need to be updated to reflect the new branding for Zencash. I still need to do some tweaks to the piece. The look of this promo can be used for other Zencash topics as well down the line.

Here is a link to the promo on Youtube (the promo is currently unlisted and is not public)


Feel free to share any feedback!


Great! Happy to see more video content being produced and looking forward to the proposal. Also happy there’ll be a pro voice over :smile:


because of the voice i had to watch it three times ^^
thought my speakers are broken


i like the robot, what else physiques do you have ready (in mind)?


Not going to lie, a dancing robot is a strange concept for a ZenCash video but regardless, thanks for taking the time to put this together.

Look forward to seeing your proposal.


LOL love how you just tell it how it is @Rowan


Hey Zen community! Sorry for the long follow up… just got done a crazy week here in Vegas for CES. I’ll be responding to all comments so far down the line.

A few thoughts, the new website and logo look awesome!

  1. I’ll have to redo some of the copy on the script for the voice over based off of the new site.
  2. Will need a vector version of the new logo - can someone please email it to [email protected] or if there is a repository of logo assets for Zen could someone please point me in the right direction :slight_smile:
  3. Should have an official proposal in soon


Yes, a pro voiceover! Looking to do a pro robot VO for something unique to fit the promo spot or if that does not work to everyone’s satisfaction, I’ll have one of my voice talents run off a normal sounding VO


I know that robot voice is rough on the ears… you get what you pay for with the"free" web based site for the robot scratch vox lol


I have a few other physique and other ideas for looks for unique promos. I have quite a few in mind for security and privacy :slight_smile: I’m open to suggestions for the subject matter for the next video after the robot video is complete and we can go from there :slight_smile:


No worries on the time to put this together, it was my pleasure! I went for the robot to #1 show something techy that non techy people can relate to #2 after you watch the video, you’ll remember the dancing robot and Zen. Hopefully this has stuck in a few people’s heads. I haven’t seen any other coins go this route - usually I just see run of the mill videos and nothing too exciting or creative that would spark the imagination of the general public :slight_smile: I do appreciate your time in checking it out and I’ll have that proposal over to you guys soon (I’m recovering from CES week here in Vegas)!


Hi Zen peeps! Here is my official proposal for the first project and info is included for ongoing projects!


Hello Zen community! I’m looking to produce a continuing number of creative high end video & motion graphics content for Zencash starting with the robot video!
I am a full supporter of Zencash - I’ve been mining off and on since July and I would like to put my multi-media skills to use.

I work full time, sometimes 60+ hours a week on the Vegas strip in the video world so sometimes I’m off the grid for a bit (I will let the community know ahead of time when those weeks come up). I would like to contribute a fair share of my non-working hours to contributing to the project. I’m looking to produce on average at least a few projects a month for the community.

I am open to the community to suggest topics for future videos.

I’ll generate a unique quote on a per project basis. Some long form videos will have additional cost if stock footage or images need to be purchased.
I will produce a short promo video for Zen Cash based off of the robot demo posted in the forum. This is version 1.0

The rough cut of the video is complete. The script needs some rewrites due to the website and branding changes. The Zen logo also needs to be updated since the rebrand.

The final video will have a professional voice over done for it as well as an additional version of the video with a professional robot sounding voiceover.

The final video will be delivered in 1080P in what every codec(s) the community needs

  1. Version 1.0 demo version - complete
  2. Version 2.0 will have reflect the new script with a scratch robot voiceover - the script will be open to any changes from the community
  3. Version 3.0 will have updated logos and content tweaks/changes with the approved scratch robot voice over
  4. Version 4.0 will encompass any content changes if needed
  5. Version 5.0A and 5.0B will have the real professional voice over and the real robot voice - this will be the final version
    *** any changes in the script or voice over after it is recorded will warrant an additional 2 Zen fee (I have to pay the voice talent more for another take)

• Version 2: 3 days max after proposal acceptance.
• Version 3: 3 days max after feedback from version 2
• Version 4: 3 days max after feedback from version 3
• Version 5: 3 days max after version 4

I would like to get this entire video done in a week after acceptance if possible - there is a chunk of time involved beyond the demo which was produced. The quicker each version is approved or changes are suggest, the quicker I’ll be able to move forward on my end.

Video #1 will be the Zen Cash Robot promo - fee is 30 Zen. the entire fee is payable once the project is complete for this one!

Itemized Costs
Zen Robot Promo - 2 versions - English pro voice over and English Pro Robot voiceover

30 Zen paid on delivery of the final product contingent on if the community wishes to pursue the project! For future projects, I’ll ask for half up front and half upon completion.

I hope the community decides to fund this project and other future projects! I’m always open to any feedback, ideas, or suggestions. I’m just looking to support the coin that I mine and make some extra Zen along the way… I’m along way from my Zen goal in my wallet so let’s make some content!


@Cryptichound I appreciate the enthusiasm. As the video concepts stands, I wouldn’t like move forward. I invite you to resubmit a concept without the robot. The voice over is also rough. We do need short video content and I look forward to a new concept.