Heads up for Junior Node Owners

I recently ran the LetsEncrypt Check Nodes script that Horizen provided to verify the state of the LetsEnrcypt certificates. Then recently ended up with root volume less than 20% Zabibx warnings for all my Scaleway hosted nodes. This is a friendly reminder to all that the script provided about 2GB of data stored locally. If you no longer need to run the script, make sure to remove it.

On a related note, my scaleway nodes are quickly running out of storage with the root volume. I don’t want to upgrade to something more expensive, or have someone host my nodes. What options are currently available? If I add a new volume to my nodes on Scaleway, can I move the node code and block chain to that new volume?

Sadly the Community List does not provide any other viable hosting options for SecureNode hosting.


No takers on the node server question?

Hi there. Depending on the number and type of nodes you plan to deploy, getting a dedicated server with a free hypervisor might be a way forward in the short term. You can then have as many guests configured as you’ve got computing resources to host, remembering the challenges. Note that vendors like Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft are NOT likely to be cost effective at this point. Hope this helps.