[Guide] Secure Node - Abbreviated Guide - Bootstrapping, Parallel Node Management, Backup and Restore v1.4a


This is a complete abbreviated style of guide for setting up a ZenCash secure node from a Windows PuTTY terminal, it can also be applied to any other SSH terminal. This guide is intended for more technically savvy people, to get a node running quickly, with minimal notes and instructions. This guide assumes you already have leased access to a VPS that meets the minimum requirements found at https://securenodes.zensystem.io/about/ and have a properly configured record of your node’s IP address for your domain and that it has fully propagated. You can check the status of your FQDN’s propagation here: https://www.whatsmydns.net/#A/

Recommended Secure Node Hardware Specifications

  • 1 CPU Core
  • 4GB RAM (2GB after May 2018 fork)
  • 1GB or more swap
  • 15GB or more HDD or SSD

Thank you to BlockOps and Psyrax for their guides and support, they were of great use and inspiration.

Included are steps to create, secure, and maintain your node, as well as two companion guides for creating backups and restoring important system files.

I have also included instructions on maintaining multiple nodes in parallel using PSSH as part of the complete guide.

The guide is in a Windows XP .doc format for compatibility across multiple platforms. Files included in the zip file are:
Sto1cNate - SecNode - Complete - Guide v1.4a.doc
Sto1cNate - SecNode - Backup - Guide v1.4a.doc
Sto1cNate - SecNode - Restore - Guide v1.4a.doc

Use the find and replace tool built into Word or OpenOffice to replace the following fields (including the <brackets>) with your relevant data to make things quick and easy.
At the start of every command, I have the prompt symbol you should see.
Example: $ indicates you are logged in as a user, elevated commands will require sudo to execute. # indicates you are logged in as root or have issued a sudo su - command. These symbols should not be copied and pasted in with the included command lines.
If a command exists as a block of text, without any spacing between them, then it is intended for you to copy and paste the entire block of text unless instructed otherwise by the notes in blue text.

Please feel free to share, comment, critique. I have my donation information at the bottom of each guide. I would very much appreciate any tips. It took me quite a number of days of testing to solve all my own problems with it.

Edit for v1.4
Added steps to complete guide to copy blocks and chainstate folders and files from an existing node with a complete copy of the blockchain, to a new node to drastically reduce setup time. Thank you to Axxa on discord for helping to develop and test this method. In my own tests, this reduces the time it takes to get a complete copy of the blockchain from 20+ hours to around 5 to 10 minutes.

Edit for 1.4a
Updated Tor section of guide with new github repo. If you wish to share your .onion address, please do your PR over at https://github.com/elkimek/ZenOnTor.
Few minor changes to notes and formatting.

If you have any questions or need some assistance, come join the ZenCash community discord.



Sto1cNate - SecNode - Complete - Guide v1.4a

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Secure Node - MainNet - Abbreviated Guide - With Backup and Recovery v1.2
How to use ~1 Zen, that was sent to master node address

Updated guide to version 1.4. See Edit for v1.4 in OP for details.


Updated guide to version 1.4a. See Edit for v1.4a in OP for details.