Group Zencash secure/super node payments


Hi all,

I’m already using my Ledger Nano S as a cold storage stake address for my secure nodes. It’s not an ideally setup as LedgerHQ doesn’t recommend using the hardware wallet as a mining wallet due to lots of little payments also known as “dust payments”. This could cause issues. LedgerHQ already created a knowledge article about this:

The idea is to group pending payments and let the Payment Master only needs to process 1 payout a week that clubs all pending payouts for each node. In that case, you only receive 1 payout each week = 52 transactions a year instead of 365 small transactions that could mess up the Ledger hardware wallet.


I thought one of the reasons for the daily challenges and small transactions was to help with anonymity


Hello gtawiah,

I believe the daily challenges are issued to ensure the secure node can process the challenge within the 300-second time limit. It is one of the compliance checks to ensure the secure node network meets a minimum performance standard.

Here’s a list of the compliance checks all secure nodes have to meet:


You can check the status of your node(s) - you ought to get an e-mail with a compliance failure notice too - here:

Use the Nodes dropdown in the menu.