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Continuing the discussion from [Proposal]90 Day Experiment - Evolution of the Cryptonation #GenZEN:

Just moving this topic over to Pitch Deck as we work on it…All feedback is welcomed please and thank you all!

Also anyone interested in collaboration or wanting to come on the podcast please reach out to me here or on Discord! :smile:


Hi Sommer,

to be honest I don’t understand. The proposal hasn’t been approved and you have started to work on it? I just think I miss the point…

Community Project Manager


Heyy Kamila,

Yep this is something we’re doing because we feel it needs to be done. :blush: It’s in partnership with others, and we time-boxed the experiment for 90 days so no time to waste really…

We find value in using Zencash for p2p transactions, and we will continue to use it and share what knowledge we have with others as long as that is true.

If the community and core team find value in what we do and chose to continue funding our proposals we would be most honored…and we’ll be able to do bigger and better campaigns! But either way we’re on a mission to make crypto more usable for people who need it, and will keep trying our best to serve and grow our community.

Are you on Discord?