Funds stuck in transaction


EDIT: After updating the wallet the transaction went through after it reindexed, Problem solved.

I made a transaction using the Horizen Desktop Wallet before it was fully synced. Now my transaction is stuck and the money is not useable in my wallet. I have waited for it to fully sync and its still stuck.

I made this transaction a month ago and forgot about it, and now when I checked on it, it still hasnt confirmed. After checking the blockchain, I can see the transaction was never sent out or processed.

The funds are still in my address, but my wallet is showing it stuck in the transaction with 0 confirms so its unuseable. Is there a way or command to cancel this so I can try it again?


zend -rescan -zapwallettxes=2

This will reset the complete transactrion history and rebuild it on rescan, it shouldn’t take as long as the reindex, but 1-2 hours can be expected depending on number of transactions.

Anyway please open a ticket - >


@Gizmo did you manage to fix this situation?


Yes after updating the wallet and letting it reindex my transaction finally went through, thanks tho!