Encrypt Wallet Backup Zen Swing


So I heard recently that the encrypt backup option on the zen swing wallet was disabled…

Apparently there was a bug?

Well, that means that anyone with access to my computer or any specialized viruz could copy that wallet.dat file and run with it. That wallet client is just more or less open for who knows how many people.

Is there a clear and easy and secure way to encrypt these that is suggested somewhere? or how high of a priority is this bug ?

Because not having this fixed clearly puts Zencash in the shitcoin category.

Most wallets have this working from get go for very good reasons.


Posted this the other day: Simple way to secure Swing Wallet

Nobody replied but I thought it was worth sharing, it is the fix as far as I’m concerned, you just need a safe space to move the file to.


The ZENCash Desktop GUI Wallet runs a full ZEN node with block-chain synchronization etc. Currently the core/node implementation does not support wallet.dat file encryption (due to stability issues). This applies not just to ZENCash but to all Zxxxx coins. This will be fixed in the future but until fixed, users who require such encryption may use a wallet like Arizen.