Egpu Compability

I have a notebook Vaio VPCSE15FB/b

CPU: i7-2640M
2GPUS ONboad(graphic 3000 and 7400M)

I want to buy:

  • 1080TI (2coolers)
    -650W bronze
    -adptador for Egpu
    (friend is selling it for a good price and I rent a house all incluse(eletricity) )

Would my processor be able to bring all the potential of my 1080ti to mine? I will have compatibily problems? Anyone tried to mine with Egpu’s?

From my understanding of EGPUs is that they will show up in your system normally. The same way it would show up if it was connected internally.

So based on that and assuming your running windows, you can download whichever windows miner you prefer.

This person shows proof of concept. They’re mining ethereum with external AMD RX 580 card.

Here are two popular Equihash miners for windows for you to mine some zencash. :smiley:

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An i7 certainly wont throttle your mining performance. All of my GPU miners run with either Celeron or Pentium processors, the ones you can buy from any component shop for £30.

CPU’s can throttle GPU’s while gaming as high end GPU’s are capable of producing more frames per second (FPS) than some CPU’s can handle.

When mining, your GPU is basically just submitting easy to handle text base guesses so the CPU load is minimal.

As for using an external GPU, there’s absolutely no reason why it wouldn’t work.

You know where we are if you get stuck.

Happy mining!

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thank you for help me (:

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thank you for help me :slight_smile:

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