Does using both IPv4 and v6 addresses on a node improve network resilience?


Hi folks,

My host vendor also provides IPv6 addresses along with every node, and I was wondering whether it added any network resilience to also have my node use these addresses, given that the v4 and v6 routers are - I assume - in the same data center? Thanks.


No. For resilience you want multiple internet connections into the datacenter - as in two or more physical cables out to two or more ISPs. Then you need to run BGP with those ISPs so the IP address space you are using is reachable from both sides. Using multiple protocols over the same link can theoretically me helpful in some cases but I wouldn’t expect it to have any significant impact.

That said, I am not sure if the current tracker system supports hosts with both IPv4 and 6 - I would confirm with support. I believe you have to declare your node as either v4 or v6 not both.


Thanks for the reply, NikMit. I suppose that I’m going to have to depend on the data center to have a resilient network configuration. Good thought about the possible tracker system limitation.