Do you need help with securenode? (setup and choose cheapest hosting)


I have my own securenodes… and i know how to do it and how to use less expensive hosting for nodes :slight_smile:

if …

  • you don’t know how to install/setup securenodes
  • you don’t have time for it
  • you have no knowlege how to choose the cheapest vps but ok for securenodes

I can help you with securenodes (only securenodes/no supernodes) - everything 100% safe, reliable, fast an professional.

If you make securenodes - you will probably pay $7-$10 monthly per securenode, with my help you will pay about $1,1 monthly (5 securenodes - yearly $360-$540 cheaper!!!, for 10 securenodes $720-$1080 cheaper, 20 securenodes $1440-$2160 cheaper!!!.. after few years you will save many $$$$ !!!

I only help if you need min 5 securenodes (more securenodes, my help will be cheaper per node). I can install everything, i can also help if you need something in the future (upgrade/update, add more securenodes etc).

Price for my help/work - 5 securenodes install $300, more securenodes - please contact for price (more securenodes, cheaper my help per node and you will save very many $$$ each year!)

If you need my help - please contact by pm or email 7 7 7 7 d u d a @ g m a i l . c o m (please remove spaces :slight_smile: )


ps. securenodes have better roi then supernodes :slight_smile:


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