[discussion] Reward participants from Alpha and Beta - secure node test - Phase


Hi all,

at the end of the last youtube biweekly update
click to youtube video + timestamp
i asked Rolf @Blockops about some give-away stuff for the people
who set up a full secure node for alpha a/o beta.

Since the data for all nodes is under

Lets have some brainstorm how to calculate or how to distribute.
To give it a start my thinking is like this
in each region (EU, SA, NA) we take the top 10 secure nodes.
The top 10 are listed by a factor which is build like this
X = [number of max. reached peers of IP/DNS]/[number of highest peers overall in region] * 0.2 +

  • ([total up time] + ([time of inactivity]*0.25) - [time of down])/[total duration of alpha a/o beta phase] * 0.5 +
    [number of correct solved chals]/[total solved chals overall in region] * 0.15 +
    [amount of received testzen on IP/DNS]/[total amount of all 3 region available rewarded testzen] * 0.15

*** short bounty here, if anybody creates some interactive google sheet or any online interactive system based on the “math” above inlcuding the link to tracker data gets as bounty 1 ZEN from me :slight_smile:

The somehow listed top 10 from each region (total 30 best nodes worldwide) will than get via
Y = 30 / [total amount of all secure node] (currently around 5%) each in ZEN from the available funds, whereby the available funds have to be set from @finpunk @devman @jane.hk and Rolf ?!

best wishes Arno


Issues were found in Alpha testing, and there were other issues found in beta testing that needed to be resolved.

I for one would not want sub-standard software released when it comes to real money.

Delays happen with alpha/beta testing of software, this is the application development life-cycle, and it is outside of the control of the devs sometimes.


I like your enthusiasm but I for one would not qualify; I’m testing locations, spinning up secure node containers all over the world and taking them down as I go. My 2c


I am nearly there with this in a google sheet, however, I am stuck with the following parameters as this is not available from what I can see:
-total duration of alpha a/o beta phase (I can extrapolate this from the time stamps on my nodes as I have been pretty much online since the beginning, but would prefer confirmed data to use)
-total amount of all 3 region available rewarded testzen

and this parameter is a little ambiguous:
-time of inactivity

Can you please explain the time of inactivity?


idea about time of inactivity came from picture above, how this number is created or when an secure node is counted as inactive i don´t know, i assume it might have something todo with installed version, like a secure node can be up and running, but with older version which is decleared as inactive?!

total duration of alpha a/o beta phase could be started by timestamp first ever registered secure node which got an payment in testzen (meaning we take a snapshot as soon as it went really live) and end is not defined yet since work and improvment is still ongoing, but generally it could be the timestamp for last paid testzen on any node.

  • total amount of all 3 region availale rewarded testzen should be calculated out of the mined blocks during total duration, since ever block has the 3.5 % from 12.5 ZEN = 0,4375 and that approx. every 2.5 minutes meaning for 24h around 576 blocks = 252 ZEN for all secure nodes (if 600 and all are equal each would get a 0.42 ZEN reward). Math for blocks: 2,5 min = 150 sec; 24h = 1440 min = 86400 sec

hope it makes now more sense and thanks for already working on sheet!


Great, this was what I was after. :smiley:

We might need further clarification as to inactive. From what I can see on the tracker site, inactive comes after the node has been down for 24 hours. maybe?

Other than the inactive part I think I have it pretty right for reporting a single node on beta


I like the idea, and maybe it’s even possible to add this formula on the tracking site, as a “score” or something like that.


I am all for rewarding the active testers, however i think that there is some issues in regards to calculating a weighted payment for just 30 nodes out of the 100’s of testers that have taken part in one way or another in this whole process.

This method of calculation would be weighted heavily towards nodes that were just switched on and forgotten. It doesn’t really see the actual testing of creating nodes, moving nodes around, trying different VM hosts, hardware configs, just trying to break the software and make the node go offline so problems can be found and fixed.

I’m sure that there would be a better method of distributing the funds, if there are any available amongst the majority of the active testers and active participants in the many different outlets that the zen community has to offer.


yes my described calculation focus on the best top nodes,
focus was to honor stability and reliability setup,
BUT you are totally right the focus of a beta / alpha is to break the system
meaning instability and trial/error actions!

I see the problem to bind different nodes to one specific tester,
meaning if you setup different nodes on different systems, how to proof that you have created them?
Only way i see is if you use the same DNS/IP, but then i dont know if the secure tracker is recognizing the different systems, e.g. does the tracker see a ubuntu OS as VM on windows 10?

If yes, we can add a creativity factor on the calc! If no, we need more idea :smiley:


just use the email [email protected]


Hi Arno,

I tried my best, I am not very good with Google sheets, and what I have put together I am embarrassed to show. There are issues that I am trying to figure out, so maybe it is best that I not send to you a link just yet until I can sort out the problems


WANTED: problem solver :-p

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just a short update:
in the discord look for @rocket and tell him what you have done to help the alpha a/o beta phase or suggest a user who did it. After all candidates are gathered there will be a suprize :smiley:


Seriously guys, very much appreciate all the support making secure nodes happen…we’ve been ID’ing key folks who’ve helped and def happy to issue some rewards. @rocket is a great guy to reach out to for that.