"Dashifying Zcash" 51% Attack Protection and More: Rob Viglione of Horizen

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Love that bear! Bonus points to anyone who can guess where it came from :slight_smile:

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This could be very successful campaign!

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Dash is very similar to Bitcoin Cash, something for payments.

Dash can be an attractive investment to a rich investor that lives in or from a third-world country that knows the routes there.
The investor can stake on a master node in Dash and use it to pay his employees there.

The only problem with these coins is the volatility of the coin, this is why Libra made a lot of sense.

I send money to the Philippines every month to pay for some people that work for me there.
So, I did experiment with XRP and BCH for lower transaction fees. It did not work.
It did not work bec. I pay too many transactions, when I buy BCH or XRP, the time that I buy plus the waiting days at Coinbase to withdraw, prices can drop, another transaction fee when I send from Coinbase to Coins.ph and the volatility correlation at the time to convert from Altcoin to Bitcoin.
The Exchanges in the Philippines only accepts Bitcoin as a direct exchange to the Philippines Peso. They have XRP and BCH as well but first you have to convert it to Bitcoin within the Exchange before they can change it to Philippine Peso.
Banko Central ng Pilipinas has the “legal” go on this.

But if it would be like Zen but with a side chain like USDC, that might work well for the Lords of the third-world to utilize it in their businesses.

Vietnamese players must be in already.

Just a thought.