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Do you want to become a community star?

It is easy, just give your contribution and others will recognize this!

I will list some members of community who became a community stars recently.


We appreciate how welcoming, helpful, and active our community is Edalexx, well known in our Discord channel for his positive, helpful attitude. Thanks for being awesome, Edalexx! We’re glad you chose to join the Horizen community.

We featured @Edalexx in our August monthly live stream.
Read his interview here:

Horizen community members come up with the coolest ideas. @Marshalllife [BeyondBitcoin] created a couple really fantastic music videos about our project over the last few months. He is also a very active community member on our channels. Thank you Marshalllife for your awesome contributions!

Read his Horizen Community Star interview here:

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We love when our community members feel inspired by our project. Horizen community member @AGNFAB is well known for his activity in Telegram and Reddit, especially for the fantastic Horizen art pieces he creates! Thank you for being a part of our community and the beautiful art you share with us, AGNFAB.

Read full interview:

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Horizen community members help us grow as a project. We want to give a big shoutout to @Red Pill! We improved the usability of many applications thanks to his expertise and feedback. Read his feature interview here:

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The Horizen community is full of amazing people. Each month, we feature individuals like @PeaStew, who contribute their time and expertise to our project. He is always ready to help others and share his in-depth knowledge of Horizen, blockchain, cryptocurrency and much more. Thank you for all you do, PeaStew!

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Horizen really is a community, thanks to members like Ivan.

Even new Horizen community members can make a huge impact. Tony Stark recently joined our community and immediately began asking engaging questions and chatting with us. It’s made our channel fun!

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