Change requests for the node tracking site


Hi there. I am writing to request comments on limiting the size of the node tracking page. Ideally, it would take up only one page so everything is visible right away. NOTE: I’m not a web developer, so I don’t know how much work is involved for the following modifications, both from the software development and web server system resources perspectives.

  1. Configure the Type fields in the menus of the Downtimes and Compliance Exceptions areas to pop up in a separate mini-page with the type descriptions. The information would still be easily accessible by hovering over the field heading (different text color to indicate additional function or question mark icon?). This saves 2 lines of heading 4 size, and 12 lines of regular text.
  2. Instead of having “Times are GMT in the lower left of the Downtimes and Compliance Exceptions areas, perhaps appending " (GMT)” in the column headings of the Start, Last Check, and End fields. These seems to be ample space for this within the current field widths.
  3. Allow more choices (maybe a dropdown with options of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20) in the number of records/page for both downtimes and compliance exceptions, with a default of 5 rows. I imagine that making it totally user configurable would open a can of worms (fine for those who like fishing, perhaps …)

These are not related to the page size, but might bear consideration.

  1. Rename compliance exception type bal to chalbal and group it with the other challenge-related exceptions.
  2. Alphabetize compliance exception types in A-Z or equivalent order, if possible. Don’t know whether this would be applicable to all locales.