Can't sync ZEN wallet inside of coinomi on my android device... Note 9

About a week ago, my horizen wallet would not sync. I contacted coinomi support and they advised me to delete the wallet and reinstall it using my passphrase (which I do have). They also advised to turn my internet wifi connection off and on so the server would resynchronize. I did all of these things. I went to two different phones, one being an apple and the other being another Android device and installed coinomi. I have the same exact problem where the wallet will not sync on either phone.

Coinomi support then advised they have a new update coming in the next day or so… so I waited for that. I uninstalled coinomi from my phone, and been rebooted. After waiting for the update, I then installed the new updated program onto my phone. My wallet still won’t sync. I’m at my Wit’s End and have no idea what to do… As I don’t know if it’s a coinomi problem or my Zen wallet is corrupted somehow.

sorry to hear about the issue. i just checked on my coinomi wallet and it’s fully synced to the latest block, so i’m guessing something to do with the app or device. I recommend installing the desktop version and restore your wallet there with your seed. Here’s the download link:

I’ll do that and see if it syncs. Thanks

any luck with the desktop app?

I haven’t been able to get to the PC quite yet, as I’ve been out of town and I’m traveling back today.

I will apply with the final result however and appreciate your follow-up.

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