Cannot get Zencash wallet to wake up


I have a dedicated PC to do crypto, which is taken offline. Connected to update blockchain on all. The Zencash wallet gets EOF critical error. I have reindexed twice. Each took 14 hours or so, thought I’d give a second go. Nope. I have recovered from this error once before. Blows that it is so common. Confidence inspiring really.

This is a part of my portfolio, 33 Zen bish, that’s right, I’m knee deep. Anyone know what I can try next. I have all files, and backups and such. Ty to any advice.



Make sure you have the most up to date wallet. I think there was a big change recently(few months ago) so the old wallets will not sync past a certain point.

Your coins are saved on the blockchain, you only need your wallet.dat file to use your coins. Backup this file.

If you can download the newest version of the wallet and trying letting it sync with a fresh copy is all you can really try doing. You blockchain data may be corrupted.

My guess is your wallet is outdated and is getting stuck trying to sync the new blockchain data.



This picture contains full path to this location, where we can find wallet.dat file.

  • Copy this file and store it on safe location.
    Again this file must stay private and secured!

For Linux /appdata/roaming/Zen is ~/.zen
For Mac /appdata/roaming/Zen is ~/Library/Application Support/

  • This is actuel version of Swing wallet
    After you sucessfuly save your wallet.dat file on safe place, download this new aplication (delete old aplication) and run it.
  • After your wallet is fully synced with network close it.
  • Copy your wallet.dat file to the same location from which it was taken.
  • Start Swing application again and you can use your coins.
    Always keep your copy of wallet.dat safe!

Notice that we are expecting new mandatory version of swing wallet!
You still can use old one ( 0.84.0) till block 449312, which will occur around January 18th.



If you still have problems after this, please open an ticket, we have 24/7 support


Hi @dStorm, did the solution from @MedaR work for you?

Just closing the loop on this in case others are having the same problem.


(Swing Wallet) - Backup, Upgrade and Troubleshooting :sunglasses: