Buy and Sell ZenCash Anonymously with Evercoin


Very excited to announce that you can now buy and sell ZenCash on Evercoin, a Silicon Valley based instant-access cryptocurrency exchange. No account required, sleek design, and really cool team that shares our vision for privacy!



Why is ZenCash only traded on the page: , and not on the main page: ?

Is it still in testing?


Yeah, love their service! Really cool team behind Evercoin, too, so i’m sure we’ll be hearing of cool future projects we’d be interested in being a part of.

We should be added to the main list of coins on the homepage, this was just a quick integration and test; also looking to do some co-branding / marketing with them since they’re doing a lot to promote privacy.


Heyy I noticed that too, ZEN wasn’t listed yet on the FAQ page - sounds like a great partnership though :slight_smile:


That’s great - we’d love to help promote more about the importance of privacy…