Beware of sophisticated scam attempts!

Dear Horizen community.

We noted that our support staff is being impersonated on Discord/Telegram. The impersonator is sharing a fraudulent copy of Sphere by Horizen on GitHub that spreads malware.

Official Horizen software is only available from Windows/Mac releases are code signed with a certificate belonging to “Zen Blockchain Foundation. Our team opened a support ticket with GitHub to remove the fraudulent copy of Sphere by Horizen.

This is a friendly reminder to be sure to always double check the account and certificate when downloading updates, and that Horizen team members will never ask for funds or for private keys.

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We received reports of a scam account called “Horizen UpdateWallet Bot” urging our community members to update Sphere by Horizen from a scam github account called “ZenCash Officiall”. We have reported this repository to GitHub.

We want to remind the community that we do NOT use bots to send messages to our community and we do NOT send update releases directly to our users.

The official Horizen GitHub can be found here:


Not rarely, scammers will impersonate Team members, so please be cautious, and report anything suspicious!

Dear community, over the last couple of months we have noted an increase in scams that target our community members. We want to ensure that everyone has the knowledge and tools necessary to combat attempts to steal their ZEN.

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thanks for posting all this @MedaR …all too easy to confuse and take advantage of people. Glad the team is being proactive.

Check this post!

In short, there are ways you can check what version of wallet you are using so you can avoid getting in trouble. In this case @CryptoManion and myself, we showed how to check SBH but the procedure is the same for all wallets.

Many thanks to the community for showing big interest in such videos, and big THANK YOU for all who helped us!

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There is a bot pretending to be a official Horizen bot on Discord alerting users to a new version of Sphere by Horizen.

Please report instances of these into the #spamreports channel and DO NOT click any of those links.
Only use official sources for Horizen software.

We will never initiate a direct message to any of our users on discord.

Practice safe crypto.

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On the 19th of December, we announced that a relatively new centralized exchange called Bitfare had started supporting a suite of ZEN trading pairs.

In the hours following the announcement, we were made aware of numerous minor customer service and user experience issues which led us to pull the original announcement from all channels on the 20th of December. As of today, the 4th of January, the minor customer issues have escalated to wallet balances and deposit histories being reset without explanation.
Given the information available to us, we must now assume that Bitfare is a malicious entity looking to take advantage of trusting users.

With given information, we now have enough reasons to assume that Bitfare is a malicious entity looking to take advantage of trusting users.

We suggest that users do NOT send ZEN, or any other cryptocurrency, to Bitfare or attempt to utilize any other services it might offer…

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Scammers are becoming very creative these days!

Team will never ask from you to send some funds in order to get rewards!

Please notice! SCAM attempt :point_up_2:

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