Arizen Wallet Introduction


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Before following any instructions from anywhere, create a backup of your private keys! This is the single most important thing you’ll learn today.

0. About

Arizen is a light wallet developed by @lukas, and does not required the zen binaries or downloading the full blockchain. It uses our explorer to send and view transactions. It supports Private Key encryption, but not shielded transactions.

1. Downloading

You can download Arizen here.

2. Installation


3. Backups

Arizen supports direct Private Key backups.

4. Notable Files



Hello friends, i have an issue on my arizen wallet, i can’t create an T address, i click generate address>put a name like 1> t address>enter or click on create
and it doesn’t go, stay stuck with the option to click but doesn’t create and stays on that window.
what should i do ?
thanks in advance


Hi @joao,

Arizen v1.1.9 has this problem. See our GitHub. This issue was fixed and improvement will be added in the next version of Arizen wallet.

This issue wasn’t caused on purpose and we’re very sorry about that. If it’s possible, please, you one of your existing T-addresses.

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of ZenCash


Thank you, Kamila,

Can i make 2 suggestions ?
1- A built in keyboard for the wallet would be cool
2- NEM is building a 2FA without third parties

a big thanks to the devs
kind regards


Hi @joao,

Thank you for your suggestion :+1: I’ve just handed them over our engineers​:wink: They were very pleased by your compliment​:kissing_heart: On behalf of dev thank you for that!

Have a beautiful day!

Warm regards,