Android zen wallet- need help 86 zen not showing up


I have an android wallet and it gives 3 zen addresses. I made 2 withdrawals from the 1st wallet to my 2nd and 3rd wallet and had 102 zen balance and everything looked fine.

Now , when I login after an hour it says I have a zen balance of 16. I am wondering where the 2 withdrawals went to my 2nd and 3rd wallet address went. I withdrew 43 zen to the 2nd and 3rd wallet.

Is there a way i can recover. Please help


Hi @pippi01,

I talked to our engineers and they would need more details. Therefore, they suggest to submit a ticket on our technical support called ZenHelp (available 24/7). I think it would faster way how to solve your problem. On ZenHelp there can be shared print screens etc.

Please, let me know if this answer is convenient for you or not. Thanks in advance!

Community Project Manager of ZenCash


Click the little clipboard in the upper right of the screen. That should bring up your addresses, select which address you want to view and the balance and history should load.