Aliases for web site


Hi Horizen team,

I would suggest that you setup aliases for some common alternatives to your domains.

For example, I can’t find a link to the shop. So I type in that gives me a page not found. Because someone decided to use “store” rather than “shop” as the hostname. I would suggest that you might want to setup several alternate aliases. They’re simple and it doesn’t take up any space really. Just a simple 301 redirect, not an entire site.

I’m not suggesting you have to change it entirely from store. Keep that. It may translate better to other languages. I’m just suggesting you add in some alternatives.

I also image as Horizen is literally a global community people will type in other alternatives for their language. “Tienda” or “Loja” or whatever. Maybe some of your global translators can offer some suggestions for their native tongues.

This applies to all the Horizen hosts. “Forums” instead of “forum”, etc.

Thanks for all you do.

  • Ben


Hi Ben,

my big apology for late response. I’ve been ill.

I think your idea is brilliant! Please, let me discuss your suggestion with my co-workers. I let you you know as soon as I can.

Thank you very much and have a perfect day!

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of Horizen


Hi @fittsy,

our engineer @Smrtz finished this task. Thank you for your brilliant idea! We really appreciate every single suggestion how to improve our services.

BTW I’ve some pics with you from Texas BTC conference and the look really cool! I hope you had a great time!

Thank you again and have a great day!

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of Horizen


Thank you @Kamila and @Smrtz !


Not sure why but when I tested today, url doesn’t work. There’s no https redirection to


Hi @thretto,

thanks for testing. It seems something happened…Let me double checked what’s wrong.



Hi @Kamila! Glad it’s fixed now! Redirection works perfectly!



Hi @thretto,

I know, our awesome engineer @Smrtz fix it. Many thanks Jake! Thank you @thretto for your help and feedback. I really appreciate that.

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of Horizen