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Horizen’s sidechains

Horizen’s sidechains will allow everyone to introduce exciting new functionalities by developing blockchain-based applications that are able to safely exchange coins with the mainchain in a decentralized and distributed way. Horizen’s sidechain SDK will hide the complexity of the cross-chain transfer protocol and will provide a solid base for blockchain-based application development.


  • Scalability : The ability for the sidechain to be completely decoupled from the mainchain, so no modifications of the core client are required (except the initial implementation of the sidechains support that is done only once).
  • Safety : Possible security impacts in the case of a faulty implementation of the sidechain functionalities are bounded inside the sidechain and are limited only to the sidechain balance in the mainchain.
  • Decentralized: Sidechain can be run by untrusted nodes without the need of a central authority or trusted parties to validate the cross-chain transfer
  • SDK: Unlimited software languages and protocols

Horizen: A Blockchain Platform for Fully Customizable Decentralized Applications