About the Meetups category


This Category is for all meetup organizators and/or attendees who are willing to share their experiences and link pictures and videos from such events. This way we can start discaustion how we can improve those meetups. Also we can encourage others to join or even start their own engagements.

  • When you posting please give us an introduction about yourself, place where this meeting was held, and about attendees.

  • What were the topics?

  • Your experiences and what others think about this?

  • All GDPR non-compliant posts or topics will be removed.
    Please post photos which you have the rights to post. We respect the rights of individuals and will remove content upon the reasonable request of those who feel their rights have been violated.

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Every topic title should have following details:

  • About event (upcoming or done).
  • Where was it, city country.
  • Date of this even.

This will help us a lot and will look more neat.
This unequivocally defines event and improves user experience on the forum.