<5min HD (1080p) Intro Video to Zencash: 7 ZEN


I would like to make a quick intro video to Zencash. I would aim to make this under 5 minutes in length. This would be used to introduce users to the project and inform them of it’s main features and selling points. I have made something sort of like this for the Cardano Project: https://youtu.be/GuPsDOAUMlY

I have the software and equipment necessary to produce this and would be happy to do voice if the Zen community would like it (or just music with writing like the vid above). As a sample of the audio quality I can achieve this is the podcast I run for Cardano: https://soundcloud.com/letstalkcardano/004-the-treasury-and-governance-systems

I will be able to read the doc’s available on the internet to understand the project, figure out it’s main selling features and produce a video that will allow users to understand it.




Hey @Gandalf we certainly could use more video content, especially with some simple “what is zen” types of videos. Would be happy to discuss details on getting you started. The first step would be to put together a quick proposal and submit to our Pitch Deck category:


There’s no specific format yet, but something along the lines of the better ones you see in that category…aim for those with [PROPOSAL] in the name. Doesn’t have to be super elaborate, but just something we can see details on scope and how to price it.

Thanks for supporting the project!


Done: [PROPOSAL] Zencash Intro Video

please let me know if I’ve not gone into enough detail etc.