24-Nov-2018 - 2018 Tbilisi Regional SFL Conference - #FreedomTech


Well, SFL are great friends of ours and we could not miss this. The #FreedomTech conference in Tbilisi, Georgia turned out one of my favorites.

ESFL Regional Conference in Tbilisi was the biggest gathering of students in the Caucasus region bringing together hundreds of liberty-minded individuals. This year’s conference theme was #FreedomTech.

We had what I call a proper booth there and it was like a magnet - in just minutes of time students just stomped us and took almost every marketing material asking a lot of questions and get interested into our brand and technology.

This day-long event consisted of insightful lectures and engaging discussions. Attendees were also able to get plugged into career-launching opportunities with our partner organizations and expand their personal networks.

Topics covered:
A wide range of competent, high-profile speakers from around the world gave talks about DARKNET, Transhumanism, Bioengineering, Blockchain, AI and etc.

Every people on the photos agreed to be online.