24.01.19 Meetup " Initiation à la Blockchain" at La Gaité Lyrique organised by Les Hackeuses


On the 24th of January I was at La Gaité Lyrique in Paris to attend a meetup organised by Mamie Crypto (Les Hackeuses).

That was a meetup dedicated to women in Blockchain.
In an industry where only 4% of people are women, this is important to have this kind of meetups where women can feel free to talk and ask questions. We can understand that with inequalities women can be shy, whereas they are also crypto fans!

The purpose of this meeting was educational. We talked about the Bitcoin blockchain, PoW, Satoshi consensus, 51% attacks.

I could make discover Horizen and meet very intersting and interested people and also discover La Gaité Lyrique which is a really nice museum/meeting place to visit.

You can follow @LesHackeuses on Twitter to know more about their futures events and don’t forget to follow @HorizenFR on Twitter or Facebbok to know more about future Horizen events in France !

You can also visit: https://leshackeuses.fr/

Feel free to ask any questions about this meetup, in english, or french, I will be glad to answer.

Every people on the photos agreed to be online. Horizen always respect your privacy choices.



Women in Blockchain
This meetup has very valuable message, especially because in this case attendees were women who should be more involved in Crypto in general.
I hope others will follow your example!

Excellent work! Thanks!


Really a great one! Even though we are seeing more and more women in blockchain, they are still few at the conferences generally.
Keep up the good work, Manon!

More women in blockchain!