04.02.2019 Attending Meetup "Blockchain : Vue d'ensemble de la technologie et de ses applications" at Paris organised by Startup Token


Hello community,

In the 04.02.2019 I will attend a meetup in Paris called “Blockchain : Vue d’ensemble de la technologie et de ses applications” and that can be translated by " Blockchain: Overview of technology and applications"

That will be my first event with StartupToken, I attend this meetup to know if that will be interesting for Horizen to have a pitch in a next one, to meet people from this blockchain accelerator and continue to meet the Paris crypto enthusiasts.

I will wear somr Horizen swag! I hope to see some of our fans there :slight_smile:

I will post news and picture of this event bellow.

Here the translated summary of this event: “Blockchain is a delicate subject, StartupToken introduces you to technology and the application of disruptive processes to your business.
We are organizing this meeting to give you our vision of the technologies of the account books distributed today and their practical applications.
The presentations will give you an explanation of the logic behind the network, a history of innovations that have emerged in previous years and current uses, and an economic approach to the current market.
Novice or experienced members of our community, we invite you to discover and discuss with us the foundations of this technological revolution.”

If you want to join me at this event and talk about Horizen, visit https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Blockchain-Hackathon-Paris/events/258322556 to subscribe.